Hipsterfood is primarily run by Cara, who does all of the recipe prep, cooking, photography, styling, post-production, writing, and question answering. Bob helps cook sometimes :)

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We started this blog when we decided to go vegan in 2010, after moving into our first apartment together and having to fill a pantry from scratch. The blog started out as a way to document, explore, and learn more about veganism, and cooking in general as neither of us had really done it before.

Now we use this as a way to show people how fulfilling veganism is, a stark contrast from what it’s normally painted as. (We actually took the name ‘hipsterfood’ from a conversation we heard an asshole having in a bar about “stupid rich vegans”.)

We’re not necessarily a health food blog or an all-cupcakes-all-the-time blog. we simply post vegan food, some of which happens to be healthy, and other times extra decadent. We buy 95% cheap, easy-to-find food, and 5% sort-of-pricey, specialty food. everything should be available at your local farmer’s market, natural foods store, or wegman’s ;) We’re strong advocates for a whole foods, plant based diet, so you won’t find much Daiya around here.

Since starting hipsterfood, we’ve gained a combined 225,000 followers and have started Chickpea Magazine, a quarterly publication filled with vegan food, writing, illustration, and more. Our goal is eventually to photograph & illustrate a big, thick coffee table cookbook.

Please do NOT repost our content without credit. If posting to tumblr, please reblog from us, don’t take out our credit. For press, publication, and any other inquiries, please contact cara@chickpeamagazine.com directly.