what does veganism have to do with “hipster food”?

what camera do you guys use? and how do you edit your photos?

i’m going camping / on trips with some friends soon. i am worried about how i can manage eating well while i don’t have my own kitchen.

Do you get hungry all the time as a vegan?

Do you have any tips on eating vegan on a low budget?

I’m not a vegan, though I have tried…it’s very hard when my parents disagree with it and think it’s stupid.

since when are you vegan? i mean, i had heard that you should be 15 or older to be vegetarian, because of the protein. i’m 16, have been vegetarian for a year and i don’t feel any problems, but adults keep telling me i will regret when i’m older but what do you think about it?

Is it easy to eat vegan at Disney World?

do you have any advice on how to be vegan in college?

honestly, how hard is it to go from eating meat, dairy, and eggs, to not eating anything that comes from animals?

Is honey a vegan food, or is the fact that bees make it, make it an animal product?

Do you think its unethical or hypocritical to eat vegan meat-substitutes? If not, do you still get an itchy feeling when you eat food trying to taste like meat?

Any thoughts on going vegan vs. buying responsibly produced animal products? (ie. free range eggs?)

im sorry vegan is just wrong.

why should I stop eating honey?

Why are you guys anti-vegan cheese? Is it because vegans shouldn’t rely on substitutes, but should instead eat fresh, whole food? Or do you just think vegan cheese is gross?

what would you suggest for someone who doesn’t have access to a microwave while they’re at work or school?

can you eat marshmallows if you’re vegan?

How does brewer’s yeast compare to nutritional yeast?

Do you have any alternative for cheese that’s nut allergy friendly?

How do you get B12 without taking supplements?

How do I get protein and iron?

I just found out I have celiac disease, but I really want to go vegan. Do you know of any gluten-free vegan resources or products?

I keep seeing a bunch of vegan recipes with chocolate or chocolate chips and I don’t get it. Is chocolate vegan?

what is your equivalent for cheese?

I’m really confused about how to make seitan.

Do you know how to make a hard vegan cheese? Agar freaks me out.

What’s the best vegan replacement for eggs when baking?

Can you grill tofu?

If a recipe calls for a specific kind of non-dairy milk, can I substitute it for a different kind?

I made some homemade almond milk - how long will it last? Versus store bought? Should you add sweeteners? Is it more expensive to make from scratch?

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will you follow me back?

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why don’t you guys eat organic food or use unbleached  flour??

whenever we use a food term in our posts, it’s kept general to fit diets and budgets of all types. some of the produce we eat is organic, almost all of our food is local, and we don’t use bleached flour or sugar. but everyone’s situation is different, and we don’t want to make our recipes seem out of reach. if it’s important (like unvegan bone-char sugar), we’ll usually say “you should use this kind of food instead because …”

why do you guys have ads?

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could you put nutritional information in your posts?

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