Whenever I talk to the veg-curious, two of the most common questions are “What do you eat?” and, for the more-serious, “So, how does it work?” meaning, how do you navigate a grocery store, memorize all the non-vegan ingredients, learn how to read nutritional labels, and how do you keep it nutritionally sound? It sounds like a massive task, but once you start and are at least kind of serious about it, it shortly becomes second nature. Read on for pantry-building tips & a run-down of our own shopping list, so that you can get a better idea of how we do it!


Our summer issue is online now! Included in this jam-packed issue: a big summer BBQ, a vegan makeup guide for hot days, brand new book reviews, DIY deodorant, an Orlando FL city guide, how to make a perfect vegan ice sundae bar, what to do with summer tomatoes, and much more.

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We got to eat SO much BBQ & ice cream sundaes. An outta-this-world issue.