i started out this morning unable to wait for lunch. i was going to eat one of the fantastic chickpea burgers i had made earlier in the week. (that’s the beauty of making your own meatless burgers - you can make them exactly how you’d want them, and you can make a ton at a time.) but when i went to make the sandwich, i realized, to my own kind of horror, that we were out of bread. i really  wanted this burger - so i decided to make my own bread. that’s how good this burger is; i never make my own bread unless under extreme food shortages like today’s, especially not bread that needs time to rise.

to make the burger:

  • cook/uncan 5 cups chickpeas. working with them while still warm is a good idea here, it makes them easier to break down.
  • place them in a bowl with 3/4 cup rolled oats, 1/2 cup ground rolled oats (i do that in my coffee/nut grinder), 2 tbsp ground flax seed, 1/4 cup water, 3/4 cup oil (i used olive), heaping amounts of spices like oregano/thyme/sage/tarragon/parsley/etc., freshly ground pepper and a couple heaping pinches sea salt. (obviously you’ll want to taste the mixture once you’ve beaten it together, and add spices as needed. if you’re storing them for the week, keep in mind that the flavors intensify as they “age.”)
  • using a handheld or standing mixer, beat together the ingredients until well combined. (i like my burgers to be consistently textured but have a little bit of whole veggies/beans, so that’s what i shoot for.) add water and/or oil as necessary (i had to, but not too much.) the mixture should start easily sticking together by itself; if not, add a little more ground rolled oats and/or oil, depending on if it’s too dry or moist. these burgers held together better than any i’ve made so far, so if you have any issues let me know and i can probably troubleshoot it.
  • from there, form the mixture into patties about the size of your palm. i’ve found that bigger veggie burgers fall apart very easily, especially when flipping. this recipe makes 10-12 patties, so you could simply layer them with parchment paper in a sealable fridge container for later cooking.
  • when cooking, there’s no real need to fry them in any extra oil, because of the oil content in the original mixture. just place the burger on a high-heated flat pan and let each side crisp up on its own.

flash forward to today! i got my bread recipe out and started prepping my ingredients. i then realized i was completely out of flour, except for one bag of brown rice flour i happened to have leftover from a chickpea mag photoshoot. (nor did i have any fresh herbs.) i still really wanted this burger - so i kept going with the recipe, knowing it wouldn’t work out like a traditional loaf. i let it rise, which it didn’t very much at all. instead of creating a loaf, i cut the dough in half and made them into discs about two inches thick. i then let them bake, hoping the whole time this wouldn’t be one of those times i’d have to keep checking the oven and still no results. luckily, that totally wonderful smell of fresh bread wafting throughout the house worked well to keep me going.

the bread had baked, it even had a crust on the outside. testing it out proved that the taste and texture weren’t quite right, as it had more of a cornbread feel to it, but it was bread. bread i could use to house the chickpea burger, which i was still craving.

i crisped up the burger and each side of the bread, then slathered onto the bread a thick layer of vegenaise and crackled on some fresh pepper. it was SO good. even eating this hours after my first morning chickpea-burger-craving, i can tell you that all that effort was totally worth it.

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