ya’ll, got any ideas as to what we should do with these cherries we found at the farmer’s market? i’m stumped! “just eat them already” is an acceptable answer (i want to!) but i would love some different suggestions as well?

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  3. fuckyeahmartiniashford answered: cranberry tarts!
  4. je-suis-une-fleur answered: sangria! or cherry scones : ) mmm so happy for cherry season.
  5. arigeezay answered: sangria plum cherry coolers
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  7. ohsan-senpai answered: - Make wine ?
  8. talesofaveggie answered: Cherry Pie, cherry cheesecake, cherry muffins, fried fruit kabobs with whipcream, cherry fondu! So man endless opportunities :)
  9. allthingswiseandwonderful answered: youtube.com/watch?v…
  10. ziggystarla answered: teeny tiny cherry pies!
  11. rhizospherical answered: errr smoothie? never saw someone make them with cherries though
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    having some as a reblog this. yummy! hehe
  14. enchante-moi answered: fresh cherry tart
  15. misofull answered: Cherries jubilee? Or hand pies <3 Or roasted on a spinach salad, personal fav.
  16. thefeminazi answered: dip them in coconut milk. get a can of it but don’t shake it up so you get the really thick cream from it.
  17. thedykezone answered: maraschinos!
  18. clearoutoffocus answered: some sort of cherry pie?
  19. rcphoenix answered: Turnovers or pastries!
  20. poesizing answered: Spicy cherry clafouti~
  21. swoodsies answered: put em in a salad? or maybe make a cherry vinaigrette…
  22. becarefulalice answered: CHERRY CHEESECAKE!:o
  23. adelicatesunday answered: how about a nice vegan cherry pie? or cherry soy ice cream?
  24. ferragamodurag answered: Fruit leather?
  25. rockprincessss answered: ice creammm
  26. lenadreamsingold answered: maybe make some sort of cherry tart or pie? idk, but eating them is a good idea. :)
  27. hourafter answered: Make a cherry compote, good for beef or lamb!
  28. anadriggers answered: netplaces.com/cake-mi…
  29. potashium answered: Dark chocolate and cherry brownies.
  30. hardcoreufos answered: Make a raw cherry jam! And spread them over sprouted grain english muffins.
  31. allthatshines answered: chocolate cake!
  32. ecoursen answered: Soak them in booze!
  33. gourmetgypsy answered: Flambe them in brandy and serve them over ice cream/gelato
  34. windrixville answered: oh, i don’t have very awesome skills acround the kitchen, but maybe some loaf of bread? maybe a salsa?
  35. movingandstandingstill answered: It’s summer, make cherry pie!
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  37. cedarandcitrus answered: just eat them! or, pit them and put on top of oatmeal.
  38. neverlandbegins answered: cherries and melted milk free melted chocolate?