We normally like to make everything we use ourselves, but sometimes we find items from others that are so good that we end up using them all the time. Here are some of our favorite new finds from over the past year.

Snack Foods
From top to bottom:

  • Crunchy Cookie Butter from Trader Joe’s, a staple in PB&J’s around here.
  • Fluff It Up gourmet cotton candy. They have a TON of amazing flavors. My favorites in the package from them were butterscotch and jasmine.
  • JJ’s Sweets Cocomels - I quickly became addicted to these little salted coconut soft caramels, and then they started selling them in packs, like the one shown in the photo. DANGEROUS.
  • Vranch from We Vegans. We got this at the Vegan Shop-Up in Brooklyn after tabling next to them for the entire day. It’s the best vegan/dairy-free ranch I’ve ever had. (They also do a chipotle ranch!)

Kitchen Tools
From left to right:
  • Honee, a bee-free alternative to honey. The best part about it is that it’s made from just apples, lemon, sugar, and water. I love it on pancakes, in baked goods, and in hot drinks. Even if you’re not vegan, it’s a great new flavor to try out.
  • Gir Spatulas sent us a few of these one-piece silicone spatulas, and all of us love how good they feel to use, even after hours of baking. They come in a ton of fun colors and are really easy to wash.
  • Sommer from Hot Mama Sommer Salt sent us some spicy hand-ground salts straight from Hawaii and we’re LOVING them. They add a hot kick to all of our stir-fries and we plan to use them in some chocolate caramel barks for the holidays. (Hey, they’re doing a Kickstarter right now that ends on December 7th - get some for yourself before the project ends!)
  • Fee Brothers Rhubarb Bitters - this is a more unique, special occasion kind of ingredient, but it’s so good! The Fee Bros. are from Rochester, NY too, where we live :)
  • All of us are obsessed with maple sugar. It’s good sprinkled on baked goods, on the rim of a cocktail, in waffles, and much more. Just thinking about it makes me hungry~!
  • The Rabbit Food Cookbook is THE most used cookbook in our house. The size of it and the binding make it super easy to use in a tight space, it’s small-press printed, and it’s got really simple, amazing recipes. Also, lots of cool illustrations, all black & white.

Bathroom Stuff
  • I love clay and cold-pressed soaps. The Hive Botanicals soaps smell amazing, and are made with all the best ingredients. I got the poppyseed, patchouli, and wintermint. Trisha and I tabled at the same show this past month and I loved talking with her, she really knows what she’s doing!
  • MeowMeowTweet has super high-quality bath & body goods. I really loved the lavender deodorant cream. It works surprisingly well and smells so good! I also got a patchouli soy candle and it burns really cleanly.
  • Okay, I know Lush is really well-known, and I own/use way too much of their stuff already, but I totally love their Mint Julips lip scrub. I use it every day to keep my lips from chapping, and it’s also great to use before putting on lipstick.

Most of the ceramics & dishware we use is either secondhand or from the clearance shelves of neat shops, but we bought these from a couple of artists local to us!
  • Katie Carey has great style and some wonderful ceramics in her shop. I couldn’t resist getting this Fuck mug - it fits a huge amount of tea and is really sturdy. And it has a swear word on it.
  • I’d been wanting a vegetabowl FOREVER and I finally got one this summer. It’s my favorite dish in the house :)

Hope you enjoyed this lil list, and maybe added some of them to your own wish list. ;) We’ll be back with recipe posts very soon - we have been looking for a proper studio/kitchen space, and finally found one! We’re finishing up building furniture and installing appliances, and once we’re done we’ll be back in full force. Get ready!

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