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We love all sorts of groups when it comes to sponsorship. Blogs, causes, small businesses, and Etsy shops work especially well with us.

Some stats:

  • 16,000 average online free issue impressions/month
  • 4,374 chickpea magazine facebook likes
  • 46,417 average hipsterfood views per month
  • 16,750 average hipsterfood unique visitors per month
  • 212,986 tumblr followers
  • 2,341 bloglovin & feedly followers
  • 800-1,000 average number of notes/post in 2013
  • 3,049 blog facebook likes

We have a highly social, energetic readership. We believe in healthy, amazing, ethical foods and a DIY lifestyle. We love Etsy shops, small businesses, causes, bloggers, photographers, and more. Our main readership is mostly women, a smaller yet significant portion male, aged 18-44, in the U.S, Australia, Germany, and Canada.

Currently we have spots open for sponsored posts (single or campaign), sidebar ads, ads in Chickpea Mag, and ad packages that include mixtures of all options. Contact us to get started!

Disclosure: Hipsterfood is a for profit blog that contains paid advertisements. Gifted and sponsored items are always noted as such. All opinions expressed on HF are our own.