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I’m prepping myself for the cook-a-thon that will be coming up soon, when I photograph all of our summer issue’s recipes. This is my version of the mediterranean olive bread from The Joy of Vegan Baking. It’s one of my most used cookbooks, so I urge you to check it out. At the very least, listen to her podcast! It was one of a few contributing factors that turned me vegan!

My favorite part about this bread is that it can be made in under an hour and there is NO kneading involved. This recipe works great for snacks and sandwiches alike. Pair it with roasted garlic cloves, hummus, or herbed olive oil for a great side dish, appetizer, or snack. Oh, and before eating it, make sure to toast the slices - it really brings out the flavor, and gives a nice slight crunch.

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my mom’s zucchini bread recipe

don’t tell her i’m giving yall this, but it turned out so good i can’t help it. i veganized it and it didn’t taste any different than how i’ve always known it. zucchini is plentiful and tasty here so i have a feeling i’ll be making lots of loaves of these!

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