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i made these super quick pizzas for lunch today. these specifically include:

  • our quick pizza dough
  • tomato sauce
  • salted & herbed cashew cheese (make this in advance and you can use it for everything!)
  • mushrooms & onions first browned in coconut oil then reduced with white wine
  • salt & pepper on top

my favorite part is how easily the dough comes together - we make it with our roommates at least once a week for pizza, calzones, hot pockets, etc. these work best on a pizza stone but a regular metal pan is fine too. try it out for a thin-crusted easy dinner or lunch!

inspired by this great video (by tiger in a jar), i had to try this salad. it takes very little time, but makes a big visual impact and tastes just fantastic. i make a few changes, and made it vegan obviously, but it still retained this bright, fresh flavor which i really loved. it also kept me full all day, despite being under 150 calories. grab a bunch of asparagus and try it out for yourself!

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