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I had this pretty little plate of carrots, apples, beets, and dried cranberry cooked in apple cider for breakfast this morning. Really though, it can be eaten whenever, and makes great use of leftover vegetables from Thanksgiving.

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we’ve been prepping all of the foods that will be gracing the thanksgiving table early this year, as we’re traveling hours to a relative’s house. a lot of you have been asking what we’re eating for thanksgiving, so here’s the basic menu! hopefully it’ll give you fellow vegans/vegetarians some ideas for your own thanksgiving meal.

for snacking throughout the day // shredded cooked brussels sprouts with toasted chopped walnuts, dried cranberry, and orange zest, tossed in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and sea salt (served hot but just as good at room temperature later on!)

main course // oven roasted cauliflower, carrots (pictured!), sweet potato, fingerling potatoes, brussels sprouts (use the small ones and you won’t have to chop them up!), and mushrooms (toss in olive oil, sea salt, and pepper and roast until toasty golden brown - very simple to put together)

mini pot pies with cornbread biscuit topping, filled with rosemary seitan, jerusalem artichoke, butternut squash, potato, and mushroom gravy

sides // the standard mashed potatoes, roasted corn, and cranberry sauce

dessert // booze-glazed citrus bread (a secret family recipe that we might show you later) and pumpkin cheezecake

sorry we don’t have pictures yet, but i really don’t want to make all of that twice! if you click through the links, it’ll take you to a similar recipe to what we’ll be making. the place we’re eating isn’t vegan friendly (sort of the opposite) so we need to bring as much of our own foods as possible. if it’s anything like the last time i ate there, though, our desserts will be the first to go. ;) hope you all have a great thanksgiving!