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here are a few messages we’ve gotten over the past week, starting from the bottom up!

peachperfume - thanks! i’m so glad everything is working out for you. we don’t know a lot about GF food yet, but as we get more comfortable in the kitchen, we’ll be adding information and posts about the gluten-free lifestyle.

thebiggesta - stop it, you’re making us blush ^______^

chocolatedoss - working out & veg*nism is a pretty big topic, one too big for this space, and besides, we’re not experts on it. (although it would probably be a good idea, after eating all that pie! sweating is just not very hip, i want to lay in bed all day.) google search something like “vegan protein workout” and see what you find. i’ve never had an issue with protein deficiency, because i eat a varied, whole foods diet that includes loads of beans, nuts, and legumes.

how to get vegan protein. whey protein powder is not vegan, but there are plenty of protein powder substitutes.

i know there are a few famous vegan athletes, so it’s totally doable. i found this blog post and it seems like as long as you’re paying attention to what you’re eating, it shouldn’t be an issue. does anyone else have a website/blog (specific to working out & being veg*n) suggestion to help them out?