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Lately all I’ve been eating are smoothies, salads, and sandwiches. Something about summer makes me want to keep things dead simple and no-bake. (Maybe it’s the no air conditioning and greenhouse-like kitchen? I insisted on big windows, I only have myself to blame.)

This is one of my go-to sandwiches because it comes together in a snap. Don’t be tempted to compare this to its meat-based counterpart, they’re not the same but they have similar profiles: smoky crispy protein with crunchy greens, soft flavorful tomatoes, and creamy cool avocado. It’s a perfect combination that takes barely any effort, a win-win in my sunny kitchen!

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lunch today: lemon tea & spinach wrap with hummus, white beans, cucumber, crunchy sprouts, greens, and quick-pickled red onions.

a few tips for a great wrap:

  • always include something green and something hearty - it gives any sandwich a good contrast. (here the veg and thick hummus are both wonderful.)
  • don’t overfill your wrap if you’re new to making them, as it makes it harder to keep it all together and has more potential to break.
  • chop your greens!! unless you like trying to bite through a giant piece of lettuce or spinach. it really makes a difference.
  • if you have the access, always toast the outside of your wrap - it makes it taste so much better and takes no time to do. put it in a medium-hot pan and just heat it up on both sides until golden brown. bonus - brown the overlapping part and it’ll stay closed easier.

i’ve noticed that our last couple of weeks of posts have been all green! i’m in the mood to make a dessert, something really amazing…let me know in the comments section what kind you’d like to see :)